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The Man of Steel, DjRexYo  is known for his incredible mixes and unique style, there’s never a dull moment when he is on the wheelz of steel. And right here he drops the hottest and most anticipated gospel mixtape featuring the best of Gospel Artistes. Download it below and get the Holy Ghost Party started. Enjoy




Check out, the first of the anticipated new double singles from one of gospel music’s remarkable vocal power house. Her name is Afrikan J and today, she drops yet another song that takes us straight into quality worship of God Almighty.

Titled ‘Its All About You”, the song is a heartfelt supplication to God openly acknowledging the truth that life is all about Him. Afrikan J is quoted to have said that she would do no other music except gospel music.

With this song, she makes good that expression. The song was produced by King Buskie and superbly delivered by her. Download and bask in the euphoria of this beautiful worship experience.


Dance Elele & Jamalo Shamalo cover art

Lyrics: Dance Elele by Emjoy

I was down in a pit
But I wasn’t frowning in it
I was lounging in it
A very bad mamba
had me deceived
With a lie that sounded legit
I Had his sounds on repeat
From my crown to my feet
I was bound in defeat
Steady drowning beneath
Like a clown on a leash
I was bowing to demons

But I was found in the pit
by a scout with the keys
Scouting for His
N He Pounced on the thief
Had him out with deceit
Now I’m bowing to Je-sus
N I’m Crowning him king
Oya Clap for the king
Clap for the king
By His counsel released
By His power delivered
Now rise to your feet

Dance elele
Move your body now
Bounce well-ele
Put your
Hands in the air
Hands in the air
Wave it like fans in here
When they ask
Tell dem
Tell dem
Tell dem
Say he do well-ele
And E Full belle-le
O ju tele-le
ki lo sele-le

Verse 2:
I was high on me
Higher than the height of trees
meaning high but deep
I fit:
Pride on feet
homie I was he
on the rise
in my eyes
I was right
Homie mind your biz
Making my god meat
flesh for Python squeeze
N it Captured me
Like a Nikon pic

They Might not believe it
how I got freed
see that man died on meeting the Most High
traded my old life
Raised me Divine offspring
Say eh
eh eh eh eh

Now you know who my God be
why my life’s compete
N I’m loud on beats
N about on streets
Till they’re out their seats


Dance elele

N Everywhere

Tell dem
Tell dem
Tell dem
Say he do well well
O ju tele

Dance Elele & Jamalo Shamalo cover art


Dance Elele is a jam for you to literally jump and dance to. It has that European dance genre sound to it, as well African bongo drums running through to bring it home. On “Elele” eMJOY shares a testimony of being saved by Jesus, from peril in this world. And the word “elele” means “to the fullest” as eMJOY defines it, although it’s a commonly used Nigerian street slang with a variety of interpretations.


Jamalo Shamalo (Keep It going) cover art

Jamalo Shamalo is more of a relaxed tone song which you can still bob your head to. Lots of African bongo drums pervade it but a constant beat on which eMJOY tries to pour his heart out, articulating his conviction of triumph through constant let downs.

Here, he believes in God. That regardless of what comes his way, he chooses to “let’s go (Jamalo), keep it going (Shamalo), keep following the Father (Je ka Ma Baba Lo)” as you hear in Yoruba language just before each chorus comes in. Taymie is the gracefully vocally endowed singer assisting on the chorus.




{NEW MUSIC} MaSterkRaft – “New Day” (ft. Frank Edwards, NOSA) {DOWNLOAD}


One of Africa’s most notable producer Masterkraft features Frank Edwards and Chocolate City singer NOSA on his new single “New Day”. This song celebrates life and a positive prayer for the day; something that should sit well with the young and the old. Download and tell us what you think about the song.



{MUSIC} Gil – “Elshadai” (Feat. Frank Edwards) {FREE DOWNLOAD & LYRICS}



Thank You
I go by the name Gil
Rich boy on e beat


El shaddai
You’re bigger than what the people say
God,no be lie
Jehovah Jireh
All around the world I’ve found no one like You

My lord of Genesis to revelation
My El-shaddai
You’re my elevation
You never lie
The ancient of days
Been waiting on me
You’ve been patient for days
And now your Glory traced me
My Lord You raised me
The devil tried hard
But still he can’t disgrace me
I run to You Lord
Yet You never chased me
The love of my life,Yeah you still embrace me
The love You’ve got for me is so priceless
Your Highness,you’re the dopest
You know best
Hands in the air,to the air I breathe
Worship at your feet,no Accapella
Worship on the beat
So You can feel me better
Huh! I wanna tell em that you died on the cross
You’re the boss,BRT no near You


So glad I found You
You gave my life a new meaning
And I’m loving this feeling
I don’t wanna let go,no
Tonite I’m gon praise
I’m not going without You
I’m lost in your presence
I’m grateful to You oh Lord
Let it rain,let it rain
I can feel Your rain falling on me
Oh Lord You reign,oh Lord You reign in my life


Let it rain,let it rain I can feel your rain falling on me

{MUSIC} Gil – “Elshadai” (Feat. Frank Edwards) {FREE DOWNLOAD & LYRICS}


From the stables of Rocktown Records comes this brand new song from Gil featuring Frank Edwards. The song is all about God, Our El Shadai, Jehovah Jireh and our Everything. This is a song of worship laced with nice bars from Gil and a melodious hook by Frank who doubles as the producer.