Music: Funke Akinokun – “Jehovah Mi” (My Jehovah)

  Funke Akinokun, 2013 Best Female Gospel Artist (AGMA Award, Crystal Award) has released her stunningly beautiful and energetic new single titled ‘Jehovah Mi’. The song, produced by veteran music producer Wole Oni (WOMP), attempts to describe the heights, width, and depths of God’s power and personality. It sounds great, current and very well entertaining.Okumaya devam edin “Music: Funke Akinokun – “Jehovah Mi” (My Jehovah)”

Helen – More And More

  Introducing Abuja based gospel artist Helen , as she debuts with her official single. Helen Ojemhen is no new comer to the industry, having dropped an album 2009/2010 which was launched in Edo state Nigeria. She took a break to face other aspect of her life while rebranding and writing new songs. “More And More”Okumaya devam edin “Helen – More And More”

Endowed – You Are The Reason

Music journey for Endowed began way back in 2000, Endowed’s passion for music made him started playing the keyboard and being part of the church choir in Kaduna state, Nigeria where he was born. He developed his skills as a strong member in the choir and as a pianist in the Redeemed Christian church ofOkumaya devam edin “Endowed – You Are The Reason”

Sola Evans – Follow Praise Feat. Jlaz

  Sola Evans is already an experienced singer/songwriter and performer, who launched her career at the age of 12 but in 2012 she found some success with producer Wole Oni. Sola is working on her anticipated debut Album, which has been preceded by the impressive first single “Follow Praise” Making a very strong impression withOkumaya devam edin “Sola Evans – Follow Praise Feat. Jlaz”

Lyrics: Calvin Martyr – King

  [VERSE 1]  When times get real hard, faith gets real easy/When it comes to my Lord, everything is easy/It’s all in His plans, all in His hands/Cattle on a thousand hill, bandz a make her dance (han!)/It’s wartime, that mean it’s your time, better draw a line/Better choose a side or move aside, cuzOkumaya devam edin “Lyrics: Calvin Martyr – King”

Roland (Project Fame 6.0 Finalist) – “Koledaru”

  After a successful 6th season of MTN Project Fame West Africa, ROLAND, one of the final Sensational 6 proudly presents his new and latest single – KOLEDARU This inspirational song illustrates the power of self motivation and partnership between man and God to achieve success in life. Delivered with breath taking vocal acrobatics andOkumaya devam edin “Roland (Project Fame 6.0 Finalist) – “Koledaru””