Bizzle – “Same Love” (A Response)

God Over Money frontman Bizzle responds to Macklemore’s song “Same Love” by remixing it with his own message. The song has been popular on the airwaves over the past year, and has been especially heralded by the gay rights movement. On Sunday Macklemore performed the song during the Grammy’s, after which Queen Latifah married aOkumaya devam edin “Bizzle – “Same Love” (A Response)”

Ethan Kent’ – Bring Us To Our Knees

  ETHAN KENT has been establishing his place in gospel music with the anticipated release of his national debut CD.  January 21, 2014 marks his release of WORK IN PROGRESS on his own Tonic Blueprint label with distribution by Central South Distributors and marketing and publicity powered by The Bellamy Group.  WORK IN PROGRESS isOkumaya devam edin “Ethan Kent’ – Bring Us To Our Knees”

Genesis Tha Protege – ‘LMPG’ Feat K.Agee & X-Ellentz

  Jemel Hartsfield also known as Genesis Tha Protégé is an upcoming Christian Rap artist from Raleigh, NC. Genesis grew up in single parent home, where his mom worked hard, to give him a better life. Genesis was introduced To Christian Rap through his cousin who is also a Christian Artist as well named EmanOkumaya devam edin “Genesis Tha Protege – ‘LMPG’ Feat K.Agee & X-Ellentz”