Resting – Choice


From his first official appearance(while in College in Uniport) which is on Track 4(Mr Busy Man) of the “Church Boy” Album by Samsong, to Hosting an Urban tv show titled “REVERBRATION” on Loveworldplus satellite tv, to features with Mike Abdul of Midnight Crew on a track titled “Koni Baje” by Mr Phelix which is getting massive airplay with a lot of positive reviews, to the feature on BOUQUI’s “Marks of a General Album”, to the feature on ECHO Cypher alongside Gameman, Protek, Rapsody, J-Lyricist, XL and D-Truce, to the feature on RRHP(Random Rap Hiphop Project) hosted by Gameman featuring Rapsody, Provabs, Sokleva, Wallz(Of which videos brought recognition from home and abroad), to a feature on a track titled “Find a way” on the “Parisian Blues” Album by Glonaija sings 2010 winner “Casey Ed”, to
the West African tour with Mr Noble all through the month of March 2014. Choice aka Choice Toju Edema has evolved into a Force and a brand u wanna reckon with, Its no surprise that he’s working with a new management and production team in preparation for the Album Release in November titled “Choice is a Weapon”. Let’s not forget that Choice debuted with a single April last year titled “Shayo” which has gotten great massive airplay from Radio stations especially Rhythm and Metro fm and very positive reviews from fans and music lovers around the world(you can’t go to college in Port-Harcourt and not have a thing or two to say about Alcohol, no pun intended.. lol!!). So while we wait for other singles to be released to make way for the album, Choice thought to share this track from his archives with his fans and
the world at large, he doesn’t want to be self-fish with it anymore lol!!! It was the first track he ever recorded in Lagos. This track was recorded on a sanitation saturday morning in 2009 in about 20minutes in Jonah the Monarch’s Studio. The beat was produced by one of the greatest Sampler/Producer/editor/video Director of our time XYZ, engineered by the award winning Protek illasheva and mixed and mastered by Cool Breeze. Please Enjoy “RESTING” by Choice.



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A young and ambitious individual, who loves God and has the passion to use his ability and all means necessary to propagate the word of God. Known for his interest in social media and all it has to offer, has bagged endorsement for him via some notable individuals in the min-dustry.

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