This song is an inspiration from God to share and shed more light on the person of the Holy Spirit. Comes as a part of a whole album REVELATION to be released soon.

The Holy Spirit is our friend (friend to believers)comforter, our counselor, the one who convicts, the one who encourages, the third, and for us here on earth, the most tangible member of the trinity. It’s a wonder why we don’t actively desire on a daily basis more of Him! The Holy Spirit is not a force, or a “feeling”, but rather a person, who desires to be active in our lives daily.

I believe something shifts in our lives when we welcome the Holy Spirit into every situation. We shouldn’t just welcome the Spirit into our church gatherings, but instead we should welcome the Spirit into our thoughts, conversations, workplaces, our lives at home, our marriages,our life’s cruel,dangerous and lonely journey and relationships as well.

This song is an invitation to covet,desire more and for the Holy Spirit to come and invade every circumstance in our lives, for the presence of the Holy Spirit removes all fear, shame, and slavery. Consider this truth, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. Freedom from sin, freedom from burdens, freedom from shame, and freedom from chains!

Invite the Holy Spirit into your present circumstance, wherever you are right now. Invite him to flood the atmosphere of your heart, your home, your car, your dorm room, wherever that may be, and watch as things shift!

I believe a change is coming as you repeatedly sink this song into your spirit.