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Anointed Gospel Singer and Songwriter Oyedare Oluwafemi a.k.a FEMI OYEH, who hails from Osun state is a graduate of Biochemistry from OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife).. He debuts with this beautiful track titled ‘Jesu Loba’.

The Waxywax produced track is a finely blended Contemporary praise song with an energetic chorus and soul inspiring lyrics. It speaks of God’s ability to take a Man from the valley to the Mountain top and also how good it is to sing his praises for his good deeds.

Jesu Loba’ inspired by God, is that melodious piece that you will want to perpetually put on autoreplay.

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Hey hey hey hey
From east to west, north to south
Everybody, lets come together
Let’s give God praise
He’s the King of Glory
Are you ready

Se se sebem
Se sebem se sebem
Se se se
Okay na oya
Come on everybody

Waniabo fufu kpeenu oh
Weneyirooghene me
Waniabo fafu kpe enu oh
Wene giro oghene me
Orunor eh eh eh thank you lord
Orunor eh I say thank you lord

Repeat chorus:
Waniabo fufu kpeenu oh
Weneyirooghene me
Waniabo fafu kpe enu oh
We ne giro oghene me
Orunor eh eh eh thank you lord
Orunor eh I say thank you lord

Verse 1
Some time ago I was down
So weak and weary
Frustrated and rejected
When nothing good was said about me
He changed my name and He gave me life

(He took me from darkness and brought me to light)
Saw I was down He lifted me up
Saw I was weak gave me strength

Ovierivie you alone I will praise
The way you dey do me nobody fit do me so
The way you torch me nobody fit touch me so
The way He love me nobody fit love me so
He is the lover of my soul
Come join me praise the lord
(Repeat chorus 🙂

Verse 2:
Lift up holy hands praise thy lord
Shout it loud, thy lord is good
Make known He’s deeds among the people
He has down me well
I will praise He’s name
A witness sing

(He has done me well)
If nor be God, tell me where I for dey
If nor be God my own for done finish
When I thought all was gone
That’s when He started with me
The way you dey do me no body fit do me so
The way you love me No body fit love me so
The way you dey touch me nobody fit touch me so
He’s a lover of my soul come join me praise the lord

I sing a new song to say thank you Jesus
I dance in His presence for He is mighty
I give Him praises and all the glory
For making deference in me

E deferent oh, my own deferent oh
E deferent oh, my own deferent oh oh oh( x2)
E deferent oh, my own deferent oh
God hand on my makes the deferent

Call: wagumwen rhue eh
Res: Oba (2x)
Oba no so ba eosa mwen khen

(Repeat 2x)

Call: wene nu jiro eh
Rep: ovie (2x)
Ovie rivie eh e oghene me

Repeat (2x)

Call: Egbami gbega oh
Rep: Oba (2x)
Oba awon Oba ni olorun mi (2x)
Call: and igbo say
Res: igue (2x)
Ezechieze ibu chimo

Repeat (2x)

Waniabo fafu kpenu oh
Wene jiro oghene
Waniabo fafu kpenu oh
Wene jiro oghene
Ovienor eh we say thank you Lord (2x)
You ve been so good to us
We can’t explain it
Mouth fails to say how good you’ve been
How good you are Jesus
You are highly lifted about all
We give you all the glory
We give all of the praise
You are mighty you are king
You are highly lifted up alagbada irun eshe ade
We give you all the Glory
We worship you Jesus
There is nobody like you

In commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Sound Engineer and Singer Aderehor Kingsley has released his debut single titled ”My Testimony” featuring D Top Family. The Bible says ”My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge. With the mighty deeds of the Lord God I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness, yours alone”…

”My Testimony” is a praise medley sung with a blend of the Urhobo dialect, Bini, and of course the English language. Produced by Chris Jones.



You Are Good is another masterpiece from gospel singing sensation, Dunsin Oyekan, with an atmospheric intro that captures your imagination and triggers an attitude of gratitude. The Melody is strong and useful. The lyrics are expressive and captivating with punchy phrases and accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly.

You are good propels it’s listeners to acknowledge the goodness of God while being drawn into an atmosphere of worship. The Story behind the song is that; no matter what you’re facing, ‘God is Good’.

The Song came when the song writer was struggling to come to terms with the departure of his Father. Today, the memory is being honoured with the release of #YouAreGood. “this isn’t a track, it’s a worship experience!!!


Fellowship of Gospel Music Minister of Nigeria(FOGMMON) is set to have her first official meeting in Lagos.

The core purpose of this meeting is help create a formidable platform that will coordinate an effective gospel music movement through partnership, mobilization, capacity building, advocacy, public information dissemination, and participatory programming for the efficient administration and propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Gospel Music in Nigeria (Home and Abroad)
The meeting holds at KICC, mende Maryland,Lagos

Date: April 2nd,2016

Time: 12noon (FOGMMON TIME) (Ps note that this is a FREE event and strictly for all Lagos based Gospel musicians)

This meeting will have almost all the leading light in Gospel music in attendance including: Buchi, Sammy Okposo, KSB, Mike Abdul, Lara George, Righteousman, Tosin Martins, among others. Also to be in attendance are: Asu Ekiye, Samsong and some delegates from Abuja.

FOGMMON is chaired by Dr Panam Percy Paul and has its chapters spread across 15Nigerian States including: Abuja, Kaduna, Rivers state, Imo state ,Nassarawa etc and 4 Chapters in the USA.

If you are a Lagos-Based Gospel musician, this is a clarion call to join us this Saturday for the 1st official meeting of FOGMMON in Lagos.

God bless you.


Signed Asu Ekiye

(National President,FOGMMON)

P-Shantel is a Dynamic worship leader, and serves at the Recovery House Port-Harcourt Nigeria. Her love for Music and Ministry has seen her Consistently leading people in Praise and Worship.

SOZO is a Beautiful Song, celebrating the resurrection Of JESUS. It is one song that will keep you dancing and celebrating …..

Download and Enjoy!


The fun continues on SelahTV with actual footage of award winning producer Wilson Joel making breakfast in the kitchen before proceeding to the studio to ‘cook’ some music and answer some more questions.

We quizzed Wilson Joel about his preference for Inspirational & Gospel music, minimum income of an award winning producer these days, his passion for music and lots more. He received a phone call and had to bail but not before we had him show us some of his beautiful piano tricks.

This episode of Hanging Out with SelahTV was shot at Wilson Joel formal studio location, he recently moved into an even more fancier location but what has not changed however is the meal and the man serving it! We mean both in the kitchen and studio!!

“Hanging Out with SelahTV” is a celebrity profile show with attributes of Reality TV that celebrates the best of Christian Entertainment personalities. A production of Lexyville Entertainment, publishers of SelahAfrik.