Verse One

Ocean divider, your word is a flame of fire 

The chain breaker, and you are my way maker

Mighty warrior, your word is revealed in me 

You are God, You are God. Yes, you are God

Chorus: (Call and Response)

Call – You are God, 

Resp. – Ebube Dike nna X5

Call – Idi Ebube, I mara mma, 

You are… 

Resp. – Ebube Dike nna 

Call – You are God, 

Resp – Ebube Dike nna

Call – Heaven and earth declare, you are God 

Resp. – Ebube ike nna, 

Call – You are God, 

Resp. – Ebube Dike nna. 

Verse 2

Alakpan nla to sole ayero 

Efu fu le le tin mile ti ti

Kabiesi O! 

Mountain skip like rams before you

And demons tremble at the mention of your name

Yes you are. 

You are the God of Elijah 

And you answer by fire 

You are God!

You are God x2 

You rule over all. 

We declare. 

Repeat Chorus (x )


You are the great I am, Ancient of Days, You are God. X5
You are God X4