Verse 1

From my heart i will honour you

For all u’ve done for me

From my hrt i’ll give glory to you

Cos u’re enthroned on high


Take my life, i surrender all to you

Take my days, i owe it all to you

Take my praise Lord, it all belongs to you

Cos you’re my

Adonai (*6)


CALL: You are glorious, yes you are

Resp: Adonai

CALL: You are, you are wonderful to me Lord, yes you are

Resp: Adonai

Adonai {call and response}

Verse 2

I am confidently sure of the love you have for me

Your mercy is great above the heaven

You’re my love, my judge, my king 

You reign in majesty

I will love you, now and forever.


Repeat Chorus


And i will sing aloud, to you my strength, 

Through out the nations, 

I’ll proclaim your goodness

Oh i will climb the highest mountain, 

I’ll travel near or far

My heart, my mind, my body

It all belongs to you

Adonai (*6)

Adonai {Call and Response} 

The heavens and the earth declare you are
In the morning, 
in the noon time, 
every hour, 
we declare you are
You are the air i breath
You are the master, 
Elohim, Elshadai.. 
Yeah…. Yeshua, Yeshua, yeshua
You are king of glory
Ancient of days, i am that i am, the rose of Sharon, 
I owe it all to you lord, everything about me i owe it all to you
I love you Jesus(*2) 
I love you Adonai.