TOLA Makes Record with 12 Hour Radio Talkathon 

History was made on Tuesday, 9th of May2017 as TOLA @spiceonthemic Omoniyi made a new record for the longest non stop talk show in Africa. It was a day full of excitement, laughter and fond memories of the past.

On this day, TOLA Omoniyi, CEO of Praiseworld Radio celebrated 9 years of being a radio personality. He celebrated this achievement by hosting a show tagged #TalkathonWithTOLA.

The show was a non-stop 12 hours of talking, with conversations ranging from Media, Entertainment, Real Estate, Politics, Business, Fashion, Internet, Health, and much more. He took breaks off conversations at the top of every hour to read the news, keeping listeners updated with happenings around the world.

TOLA stepped into the Praiseworld studios at 8:30am looking sharp with his dark blue long sleeved shirt which had different patches of African print. He stepped into the studios with his usual smiles and then began to gear up to run the show, which began by 9 in the morning and came to grand end by 9pm.

Among guests and friends featured on the show includes Segun Obe, Ope Bakre, DJ Gosporella, Omojuwa, Seun Shobo (The Brand Master), Victor of Gospogroove, Seyi (All Socks), Prince (CITY FM), Honeypot (TVC) to name a few.

There was no dull moment as listeners contributed to the show all 12 hours long, via phone calls and social media, using the hashtag #TalkathonWithTOLA which trended on Twitter in Nigeria.

With a whole lot of congratulations and well-done’s to the man of the hour TOLA, guests, friends, colleagues and family members dropped by every hour, bearing gifts as well.

This was consistently sustained till he hit the 9pm finish line, making history as the first 12 hour long talk show in Africa, with shouts of joy. But we just couldn’t end like that. There had to be an after party LIVE on air with DJ A’Cube in the mix.

 Follow TOLA on Twitter and Instagram @spiceonthemic to stay updated.


See photos below:

A’Cube and AwhyOfGod

TOLA @spiceonthemic Omoniyi

with Yemi Ogunwole (HoneyPot) of TVC

DJ A’Cube

Seyi (Allsocks) and Yinka Adefila (Philaracks)   

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