DSFN kicks off Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Invites you to Concert LP126

The month of October has been earmarked as the Down Syndrome Awareness Month and the Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria (DSFN) is relentlessly educating the populace about the Down Syndrome health condition and the importance of accepting people living with the condition in the society.

The Health Walk
On Saturday the 21st of October, the foundation and well wishers took to the streets of Lagos. Tagged theDSFN TRIATHON, it was a health walk, drum circle and dancathon that saw DSFN spread the good news about accepting people with down syndrome. The convergence point was Fountain Height School, Adelabu, Surulere and the walk commenced at 7am running through 11am. It was indeed a success.


The Seminar

Up next is the DSFN International Seminar themedCONVERSATIONS: THE HIDDEN DANGERS – THE DS EXPERIENCE.
This expository seminar comes up this Tuesday, 24th of October 2017 at the Sickle Cell Center, Idi-Araba, Surulere. Time is 11am to 2pm.


The Concert
Freedom Park, Lagos is in for another night of music, poetry, dance, art and unlimited fun. From 5pm to 9pm this Thursday the 26th of October 2017, amazing talents like F-Clef, Same OG, EHILIZ, Wole Oni, Blessomania, Ona, Psalmos, Sammy Olawale & Iroko Percussions of Africa, Gamie and many more will be there to thrill members of DSFN and the entire public at the [b]DSFN Fundraising Concert taggedConcert P124 & Awards: Celebration of Life, Light and Praise. You don’t wanna miss this! 
The host is Oyez of GospelNaija.com.

Would you like be a part of these lined up events, then kindly contact Majek on +2348023035904.

Visit the the website: www.downsyndrome-ng.org

Email: downsyndromefoundation.ng@gmail.com

Connect of Social Media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/downsyndromefoundationnigeria

Instagram/Twitter: @downsyndromeng

Proudly supported by GospelNaija.com

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