New Music: My Case is Different – Shalom | @officialshalom @grandmince

One of Kano City’s finest and the winner of Bezaleel Gospel Music Competition season 7 unveils an electrifying Reggea song she titles ‘My Case is Different’. Shalom Obosa in this sensational spirit filled song paints the picture of 1 Pet. 2:9 that describes our separation as a peculiar people by God to show forth His praise. The lyrics of this song not only depicts our exclusion from the harsh happenings around the world as God’s children but also tells of the many testimonies of how we are designed to live happily on earth in the light of God’s many promises to us.

Recorded at Just Beat Studios and produced by the multiple award winning record producer, Timi Toba, this song is sure going to bless you immensely as you listen to it over and over again.
Shalom reveals, “God’s mercies upon my life inspired me to write this song. His word in psalm 91 and also Malachi 4, has given me great courage to move on in the midst of the storm. 

Despite the storms, I’m still standing… God is still keeping me. Those chapters of the Bible gave me this faith that I am not permitted to fall when others fall because I’m God’s own and it has made me qualified to be  exempted from falling down at the instance of every challenge. I can’t begin to say all that God has done for me but I will just sum it up by saying God’s mercy is real and it’s never failing.  I hope this song of testimony encourages you to hold firm unto God. Your case shall be different all round no matter the challenge. God bless you.”


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A young and ambitious individual, who loves God and has the passion to use his ability and all means necessary to propagate the word of God. Known for his interest in social media and all it has to offer, has bagged endorsement for him via some notable individuals in the min-dustry.

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