Fast rising Femcee Isioma is out with another single titled “ONLY YOU”. It helps us reflect on God’s awesomeness, also teaching us to depend on Him, because He alone will cause the desired change.

This song is Produced by Don L37, an Executive Music Producer with Lamp House & Chocolate City.

If you’re a fan of trap, R&B and hip-hop, you’d love this.



INTRO: Yeah…Jesus, my best friend(2x)

Its only you,Its only you God

Isioma yeah,



VERSE 1:                         

This world wey we dey so

So much struggle 

 In the mist of Doe

People are dying 

Human beings suffering

Its needless eh

Only you

Make me a better man

Because of you

Ive realised my plans

Oyie egbe bobomwen

My great and mighty one.



Only you (2x)

Can make my life complete

Only you (2x)

Can transform me lord

Only you…(2x)

Can make me who I am

Eh eh only you

Eh eh only you

Eh eh eh only you..

Only you…

I say na only you..

Only you…



When I see

What goes on around me

My heart cries out 

To make a change

We need you Lord 

We need your connection selection

We crave your attention

Only you can turn things around

Make crooked paths sound

My one and only’s been found

Just call on him now 

Before its too late….





How can I express 

My love for you Lord

You capture me in places

I can’t express in words…

That’s why I say only you

Only you yeh eh eh eh…




Mon’Ami mi mi…

My best friend

The one that loves me

Till the end….

You never leave me alone

You care for me

You feed me 

You give me everything I need….

That’s why I say 

Only you, Only you.. yeh

Jesus my best friend (2x)

Love you till the end..

TMOGL tarafından yayımlandı

A young and ambitious individual, who loves God and has the passion to use his ability and all means necessary to propagate the word of God. Known for his interest in social media and all it has to offer, has bagged endorsement for him via some notable individuals in the min-dustry.

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