NEW MUSIC: MR. M & REVELATION – Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe


Mr M and Revelation is a gospel group with the vision of unveiling Jesus to the world. The group is led by Mr Miracle Orabueze a graduate industrial physics from Ebsu. Married to Mrs promise Orabueze bless with 3kids Ella , David and Praise.

The single Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe is one song you will definitely have on replay particularly in this festive season. According to Mr. M, if you love trap song then you have one.  Jesus Bu Onyem Nefe  is performed in English and Igbo Language from Eastern part of Nigeria. The song is also produced by Mr. M.


Lyrics: Jesus Bu Onye Nefe

Its turning me around eh eh

It’s ringing in my head o

This God has turned my life around shhhh

(Ch) Jesus bu Onyem nefe

Ya ka ngeso

(Solo) I’ll never never go down

The devil is a lair

I am living in abundance

I can never be discouraged

Cos in him am moving higher

Am moving high am moving

Am moving high high high




 umu CHUKWU onwelo

Onye na akpom

Ana ekwu nke ozo

Ozo ana eme ana aju ogini n’eme n’ogbe

Hee, distractions left and right everywhere

Trying to my eyes and my gaze off the main focus

Huu, the focus. Is Jesus and Jesus forever

Nwanne, Dont try confusing me(no way)

Lately I got a disposition that I’m a new creation

And I am sitted and reigning with Christ in heavenly places

I rule in the midst of my enemies

Brother no be mouth

I’ m kinging and pinging(2*)

Una hear me

I’m reigning and ruling (2*)

With Christ.

Anom n’ofe(2*)

Anam asuzi kputu kputu n’ofe


Yes,my mind is made up

I go follow Jesus,I go follow him,let’s follow Jesus in the  morning,in the night,in the noon

I go follow Jesus and Iwill follow him every where,come join me  follow Jesus in the noon,in the day in the night hour,


Amara m Onye nso,Onye nso,Onye nso n’azu,amaram Onye n’eso n’obu Jesus(2*)

Amara m Onye nso n’obu Jesus

( He will Neva leave you no )

Amara m Onye nso,amara m onye nso,amaram Onye nso,n’obu Jesus

Alagbada ino,Alagbawileda,Alakosuorun,Aleshelewi,Alewileshe,Akpataawa,alpha ati omega,Akpataayeraye,Arabaribiti,Aribirabata,Arugbo ojo,ijenle Ife,iretiwa,Iwo lagbade Ogo,iye kabiyeosi,metalogo, Mimo mimo, obatotobiyaro, obalagbada imole, obaasheyiowu ,Oba awo Oba ,oba lana,oba lori,Oba titiayeraye,olorun agbalaagba.

Worship him everybody, Halleluya

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A young and ambitious individual, who loves God and has the passion to use his ability and all means necessary to propagate the word of God. Known for his interest in social media and all it has to offer, has bagged endorsement for him via some notable individuals in the min-dustry.

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