There is a general perception that Celestial Church of Christ has a different set of practices which do not align with mainstream Christianity, but one man is changing the paradigm. Recently, we had the opportunity and privilege to be not only in the presence of greatness but in the corridors of the anointed.  His“A DAY OUT WITH PROPHET ISRAEL OLADELE OGUNDIPE” yazısının devamını oku

Music + Lyric Video: Sarah Anthony – Fire

  Music minstrel and songwriter Sarah Anthony is out with a brand New Single “Fire” A powerful song of worship delivered with great vocal dexterity. This song will definitely move you to worship. The song was produced by Oc-Mix. Sarah a professional back up singer who has done background vocals for several Artistes, started her“Music + Lyric Video: Sarah Anthony – Fire” yazısının devamını oku


  Known for delivering soul-lifting worship songs, minstrel Noella is out with a new song “Nothing Else” to celebrate her birthday. This birthday is truly a remarkable one for me. I have not lived too long but yet lived long enough to fully come to the realization that everything is a loss without Jesus Christ.“NEW MUSIC: NOELLA – NOTHING ELSE” yazısının devamını oku


  Ogechukwu Elizabeth is a sensational minstrel whose passion is solely singing and she is committed to the lifestyle of sincere worship to God. She hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. Discovered her singing and writing skills at the age of 14. She is graced to lead the people into an atmosphere of intense“NEW MUSIC: OGE – ”ODI UKO NA MBA”” yazısının devamını oku

New Music: Manister – My Body

  Gospel Music Minister “Ogunsakin Ayokunle Oluwasina” widely known by his stage name “Manistar” is Out with This hit single “My Body”. He is a seasoned Worshipper, Prolific Song Writer, Dynamic Vocalist. His previously released single “My Everything” is still heating up the airwaves and now He is back with another power Jam that will“New Music: Manister – My Body” yazısının devamını oku

New Music: Ryta Ritche – “Beautiful God”

  BEAUTIFUL GOD “Okorobia di mma” is a song that tells of the true and comprehensive nature of God in his might. “Okorobia” means handsome man and God is beautifully handsome, full of strength and might. When God shows up as young, full of strength and might, every other thing bows. So, worshipping with a“New Music: Ryta Ritche – “Beautiful God”” yazısının devamını oku

Easy Steps On How To Build Your First 1,000 Loyal Fans – Kulqee

  The aim of every entertainer is to build a cultic or loyal fan base. It is the number of fans an entertainer has that determines his/her pays. Thus, calculating the sales made by an entertainer is equivalent to his/her fan base. With this said, building a loyal fan base is key. By saying a“Easy Steps On How To Build Your First 1,000 Loyal Fans – Kulqee” yazısının devamını oku

New Music: Agent Snypa – “Super Duper Rich”

  Grace Faridah Samuel popularly known as “Agent Snypa” is a reggae dance-hall artiste from Nigeria. With only a few singles out, the reggae dance-hall artiste has been able to garner a very impressive CV for herself. Believing she can and will reach a new generation for Christ with her fresh and relatable music, Agent“New Music: Agent Snypa – “Super Duper Rich”” yazısının devamını oku