Registration For Best Of St. Harmony Live Recording [BOSH 2018] Is On – Limited Slots Available For Artiste!


Following the successful live recording opportunity granted to Nigerian Gospel music artiste and ministers to record their songs and shoot professional music video for their songs offered by St Harmony Productions under  the brand of BOSH [ Best Of St. Harmony Live Recording] held every year, it’s now rather a worthwhile decision to bring in the best like never before to Gospel artiste in this year’s edition of Best Of St. Harmony [BOSH] Live recording.
Last year’s edition was a huge success offering artistes opportunity to record their songs only at a token registration, hence the rush into early registration for this year’s edition.
This is a golden platform that will implant music ministers a room for easy production of their gospel contents at a cheap cost and comfort.


  1. It’s cheap. This is because you can obtain both your audio recording and video at same time. it saves you the typical studio hassles and expenses of shooting music videos but without compromise on the production quality.
  2. The production quality is professional. If you watch the recordings from last year, you’ll attest to the professional audio and video quality of our production. This is because we employ highly trained personnel and equipment.
  3. Gives realism to your music. The ability to produce a recording with the participation of a real audience will definitely enhance its believability in contrast to typical make-believe recordings in the studio booth.
  4. It follows the trend in global gospel music. From USA to England and Australia down to South Africa, gospel icons like Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, etc make their recordings with the participation of a live audience. This has enriched the ‘liveliness’ of their music.
  5. We take the stress off you. In BOSH project, we take care of venue logistics including lighting and set design, also we do massive publicity within our capacity. furthermore, we take care of background vocalists and instrumentalists (except where participating artiste insists otherwise). So all that is required of the artiste is to send in the song early enough and the musicians will get to work. Be assured that we have a team of highly skilled musicians to produce your sound on stage and even add some twists if necessary.

NOTE: we offer free musical advice for participating artistes.


This year there are few slots for grabs.

Each slot represents a typical song (usually not more than 6mins).

Please fill the form on this site or contact us  to register your interest and verify slots are still available.


After registration and payments, you are expected to discuss your song details with the production team (headed by Dr Paul, Producer of the BOSH recording).


Every participating artiste gets their fully overdubbed, mixed and mastered audio as well as fully edited video of their performance after the event.

Artistes and their labels can use the production for individual promotional purposes.

N/P: Registration deadline is April 13th.



Chris ND- Akokwalam:

Ogelite – Alagbada Ina:

Ada Menakaya – My everything:

El Chisom – Indescribable God:

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