Fast-rising gospel music minister, Harmony Titus who recently released an album titled “Change Our Story” decides to drop the theme song off the album for free download. The song “Change our Story” is both a prayer and a call for help, reminding God of His numerous promises upon His people. In a time like this where, there are incessant killings, crises and sufferings in the land, coupled with political rivalry here and there; no other time feels right to drop this spirit-filled rock worship. It is a song of hope and reassurance as God never slacks on delivering His promises to His Children.

Change our Story audio is produced by Apro, while Video was captured by Tony Emeka at the Magic 5ive studios, Kano, and Edited by Fave Grafix and Multimedia. Cutaway scenes from “The Ballot” a movie by FOI production were used to paint a clearer picture of the message in the song.






Watch Video below


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A young and ambitious individual, who loves God and has the passion to use his ability and all means necessary to propagate the word of God. Known for his interest in social media and all it has to offer, has bagged endorsement for him via some notable individuals in the min-dustry.

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