Music + Video: ODIGINAKA by Jonas Dan & The Praise Gang


Gospel Music Minister Jonas Dan teams up with his worship crew, The Praise Gang, for yet another powerful single and music video titled ODIGINKA.
ODIGINAKA is an Igbo word which means, “It’s in Your hands.” We live in a world where people easily forget the God-factor in all they do especially when they think they are making progress.

“The Praise Gang have come with the “praiseful” heart of gratitude knowing that we are who we are by His grace and without Him we can do nothing and so we dedicate this song to Him to appreciate Him. This is because all we have today include our job, cars, businesses, good health and family all belongs to God and we pray that you all will be blessed by this song in Jesus name.” – Jonas Dan, The Praise Gang.



Everything was given by God so why won’t i give Him my all.
He gave me His very own Son! so when I look up at the cross
I can’t help but think of His love,
He gave me His very own Son.
So you have nothing in this cos all you have was given by Him
give him all give him all give him all (2x)

When I come with the praise jamz
And say praise RULES with my raised hands
Ihe nine nnwere odiginaka
Lift up my hands and I open my eyes
With a grateful heart I wanna glorify
Praise gang wanna glorify
He’s the great God He’s enthroned on high,
Put your hands up and let’s raise him on high.
You have nothing in this
Coz all you’ve got was given by him
So give him all

Ihe Nile m nwere, ihe Nile m nwere, ihenile m nwere nuwa diginaka x2

All that I have is yours,
All that you have is mine,
All things created were made by his power so all things belong to our God

Obu gini Kam GA eji, tuoro chimu mmamma olorihe lorihe lorihe biara ilom nara ekere nkemjiri bia x2
Ah ah ah ah narekele nkemjiri bia, ihenile m nwere ihenile m nwere, ihenile m nwere nuwa digi Naka.
ODIGINAKA eeeeeeeeee
ODIGINAKA eeeeee till fade.



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