Music Submission

Music Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting music to our reputable blog. Please find below instructions that have been compiled to put us in a better position to serve you better. We believe that these items will be beneficial to you as you submit music to us.

  • Currently we only accept digital music submissions. As such, please send all submissions to with the title as “Music Submission”. Because we receive so many music submissions, we might not be able to provide feedback for the music submitted at your expected time. Feel free to contact us and let’s talk/chat to speed up the process.
  • For those who would be interested to get their music materials posted free on our platform, please send us a mail with the title “Free Post” to Please note that due to the high rate of free post entries we receive, we are now very strict on the acceptance of music materials which would be featured.
  • We prefer that you submit singles for blog feature via
  • When you submit your music for consideration, please include the following:

1.   The Radio Version of your single.
2.      The Instrumental Version of your single (Optional)
3.      The Acappella Version of your single (Optional)
4.      Relevant Artwork for the submitted music (Album Cover, Single Cover, etc) we recommend that you send the single cover.
5.      An Official Press Release describing the submitted music, production credits and all relevant information
6.      A link to your website (Optional)
7.      An Artist Biography
8.      Expected Release date of the single

Please ensure that all music submissions are sent as MP3 files. If WAV Files are unavailable, please submit mp3′s that are encoded at a minimum of 256 kbps. This will ensure that your music sounds as good on the radio (for those who would need to feature their song on radio) as it did when you mixed it in the studio.

  • Please make certain that all music submissions are properly ID3 tagged. Each file name should include artist name, song name and album title.
  • Feel free to discuss with us on your interest to have your song featured on our blog.

Your cooperation with this set of guidelines is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,



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