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Gospel minister Isabella Melodies and her husband, Pastor Ogo Uzodike
celebrate 23 years of marital bliss with their four children on Sunday
07 January 2018.

The couple who met and started dating as teenagers in 1988 whilst in
University of Nigeria, have been together for thirty years.

They are blessed with four children, two girls named Shae (22) and
Stephanie (20), and two boys named Shane (16) and Shemaiah (14)


Billy Graham Prepares to Celebrate 99th Birthday This Month

Photo Credit: Youtube.com


In anticipation of Billy Graham’s 99th birthday, Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, released the following statement about his father:

Nov. 7 will be a big milestone for my father as he turns 99 and enters his 100th year. As a family, we are just so very grateful that he is still with us. His mind is good but he’s quieter these days. He can’t see or hear well, but his health is stable.

“On his birthday, some family will be with him and we’ll give him his favorite cake—a lemon cake with lard icing. He loves those cakes—but it has to have the lard icing.

“At the Billy Graham Library we’ll have a special celebration that day, as this year is also the 10th anniversary of the opening of the library. We’ll have birthday cake for everyone who comes by.

“Also as my father enters his 100th year, for the year leading up to his 100th birthday, we are going to honor what God has done through him by highlighting significant moments of his life and some eight decades of ministry. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is moving strong into the future, but it’s also important to celebrate the past, so each month we will focus on a particular decade and highlight significant things like his 16-week evangelistic crusade in New York City, his impact on worldwide evangelism and personal testimonies of people whose lives were forever changed at one of my father’s crusades. During this next year we’ll have special content on billygraham.org and in Decision magazine, so be sure to check those out. My father always wants the focus to be on the Lord Jesus Christ, and not on him; and so we will point to the amazing ways God has worked in lives around the world, through the ministry of Billy Graham.

“I know my father is grateful for all the prayers for him and birthday wishes on this special occasion.”



Emmanuel Julius is a talented Gospel musician, songwriter and recording artist based in Abuja. He began his musical career at a young age through the help of the Holy  Spirit. Since then he has been consistent in the gospel music ministry.

He has been privileged to be a part of so many choirs in Nigeria and traveled around Nigeria ministering to souls, stiring their heart to worship and praise the only one true God who is Yaweh through music.
Here comes another energetic inspirational song from him tilted CELEBRATE. Enjoy!


Here is a special birthday note from Philip Asuquo, a humble vessel of God and Brand/Media Strategist whose birthday is being celebrated today.

He has also been the Chief admin of a Kingdom Entertainment platform and gospel blog known as Gospel City Naija [www.gospelcitynaija.com]  for almost 4 years now.

Kindly go through the note to the end. God bless you as you read.



Dearly Beloved,


I am delighted to write this to you on this special day. Yes, it is my birthday but above everything, I wish for you to know the Truth, be set Free by the Truth and grow and stay in the Truth.


For those who knew me some years ago, you can attest to the fact that there have been visible changes in my life.


I owe this all to God Almighty, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


The transforming grace of God takes us from nothing to glory to glory to glory…


For the past 3 years, I have been passionate about sharing God’s truth and wisdom. I have also been frequently providing Godly content to people within and outside Nigeria through God’s divine enablement.


In doing this, I have found joy in the Lord. And His joy flows like a sweet endless stream throughout our lives.


I want you to experience God.


You see, most times we take lightly the admonition that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then everything will be added unto us.


Maybe we have heard it too much so we think there is nothing to it…But hey, let’s look at it again and this time more keenly.


You see, seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness is the very first thing we should do in our lives. The earlier we do so the better for us.


In trying to eek into the ideal, we actually do have 3 sets of people that stem out of efforts around this advice from God that we should seek first His Kingdom and Righteousness.


First is the set of people that apply the ‘every other thing will be added unto you’ as the first rule for their life. So, instead of seeking God first, they seek the things that will be added unto them. So many have received things from the wrong sources yet do not find that deep fulfillment that they long for. This set are people who have not come into the knowledge of God through His son or are still in half-knowledge of Him.


The second set are those who seek God’s Righteousness first before seeking His Kingdom. These are the set of people whom people might call ‘holy holy’. They try to live righteously first and totally ignore the Kingdom. God in His wisdom told us to seek first His Kingdom…then ‘and righteousness’. He didn’t say we should seek first His righteousness then seek His Kingdom. Seeking righteousness before seeking the Kingdom results in self-efforts and self-efforts don’t carry you far or even right. If you seek first and find the Kingdom, righteousness that is of God will be shown to you so that you live as His/God’s righteousness and not as man’s self-righteousness. Sorry to say, a lot of ‘church’ folks fall into this category. Many seek the utopic vision of a church, not God’s Kingdom. We don’t have to only be in church…we have to be ‘The Church’.


Now, thirdly, are the people whom I will say God looks forward to all being like. These are people who ‘seek first God’s Kingdom’. These are people who get past the doctrines of men and seek the heart of God. These are people who feed from, grow in and plant God’s word in lives through their various places of calling or work. These are men who have found the Kingdom and are applying Kingdom principles in life, marriage, career, faith, etc.


Seeking first God’s Kingdom is getting to know what God’s Big ORIGINAL Plan for the world is and how what you have been gifted to do can add up to God’s glorious plan for earth and all of mankind. Then He gives you principles to live by before marriage and in marriage, principles to apply in your ministry or career, principles to build and grow a business on…principles to be effective in calling and in life…Principles that will set you apart for His glory to transcend to mankind…Principles, not rules or guidelines.


These principles make us live naturally righteous in Him. The righteousness is not a right but a gift He gives to us. Not our self-efforts but God-efforts alive and activated in us. So that where human strength would fail…God’s strength is activated in us and we triumph…


My brothers and sisters, I wish above everything that you come into the Kingdom of God. Once you are in, everything else that is not of God fades and Godliness takes full form and full color in your life.


Yes, it is my birthday. I celebrate everyone who have come into God’s Kingdom and are living by His righteousness. I wait to celebrate others who are yet to get it right…But I won’t only wait. I will pray for you and also be available for you and will share His wisdom and direction with you as He gives.



Thank you for reading my note to you.

Thank you for all the love and support.

God bless you.



Philip Asuquo,

pillaz celebrate


The award-winning group of five comprising of Lawrence Umoh, Christopher Akan, Odii Nnorom, Caleb Obi and Olumide Ehinmowo; conceived in 1999. The Pillaz is wired for impact, excellent and creativity; with two albums to its credit. They do a rare and unique genre of music which they call ‘Acap Afric’; with over a decade and yet not decaying of performing African-sounding non-instrumental music blessing lives with it. The group with a vision to harvest the world through the word in music and a mission statement of taking inspirational music to the uttermost; transforming lives (especially the Youths) through diverse events. The Pillaz on stage is a different ball game entirely and most people describe them as electrifying, charismatic and always on point.


Check out their new single titled “Celebrate”



Celebrate TKlex featuring OkeySokay


Having produced a lot of hits gospel songs, Superb Producer, Tklex shows no signs of slowing down.He has just released a brand new single, “Celebrate Remix” featuring his friend the ace producer “OkeySokay”

“Celebrate” is a tune for praising God for the wonderful things He is
doing in the lives of people.  The rendition is so creative. Don’t stop
the dancing and jubilation to the goodness of God.



Displaying Leon Remnant.JPG


Nigerian gospel artiste Leon Remnant is making his entry into the Nigerian Music Scene with two spanking new singles. 1 Million Blessings is an upbeat dance track that sees the rapper collaborate with Sokleva of the Rooftop MCs, praising God for the blessings that he continually showers on him. Celebrate is also another upbeat track that is inspired by Leon’s roots.

He describes himself as a street disciple spreading the messages of God through hip hop. He’s set to release a new project titled Street Disciple EP and currently in the United States of America working with various international artists and touring the world.

Check out the songs on SoundCloud